Utah Traffic Safety and Trends Exam

Since the beginning of 2016, new drivers have been required to take a Highway and Safety Trends exam to receive a license.

The new test is designed to teach young drivers about traffic hazards and ultimately improve safety.

”This year we have had over 125 traffic fatalities on Utah roadways. That is up over last year,” said Representative Steve Eliason who sponsored the bill that created the exam. “Educating young drivers about the most common risks that lead to driving fatalities was the primary goal for sponsoring this legislation. I think the exam can help make a big difference towards improving driver safety in the state of Utah.”

The exam consists of questions covering driving safety topics and causes of traffic related deaths. There are four sections in this exam. Each section has 10 questions. Test takers can stop after any completed section and come back to the next section at any time.

“When drivers have completed this exam with 100% they will be sent a message and a link to a page with the certification number,” said MykeAnne Hurst, Deputy Director of the Utah Driver License Division. “At that time the Driver License Division is notified electronically and their driving record will be automatically updated.”

The Driver License Division recently announced 13,191 new drivers have taken the exam this year.


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